Wilderness Packs

Trusted by the U.S. Special Forces, Army, and Marines

Find your limits with Wilderness Packs!

At Wilderness Packs we have only one goal, to create hunting packs and equipment that are designed and built to do what they're supposed to do: hunt! That means taking the punishment of hunting day after day, year after year, without fail. Guaranteed! Our frames are used daily by the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan and have proven themselves around the world under the most extreme conditions imaginable. From Marco Polo sheep hunting in Uzbekistan to packing generators to high country gold mines on the Rogue River, our packs have done their job year after year.

Who We Are

Wilderness Pack Specialties began with one goal: to create a line of 100% American Made, Berry-compliant, rugged backpacks and equipment designed solely for the hunt.


Our packs are designed to hunt. Period. Our gear line offers the functionality of three separate packs all in one.


Building the perfect hunting pack is similar to creating the perfect recipe: every ingredient adds its own undeniable flavor to the end result.


We here at Wilderness Pack Specialties believe in the products we produce. We also believe there is nothing better than a truly 100% American made product.


Custom Products

Here at Wilderness Packs we understand that one size doesn't fit all! If you're in need of custom modifications to any of our products please contact us as we'll be glad to assist you.


Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee is simple: You break it, we fix it.* In 18 years of building leading-edge hunting packs and gear we have always focused on our customers’ needs, no matter how extreme the conditions.

*(Excludes normal wear and tear.)


Trade Shows 2019-2020

Every year we love the chance to directly connect with our customers at the sportsman's expos. This year we will be attending:

  • Sacramento, CA | January 17 to 20th
  • Puyallup, WA | January 24th to 27th
  • Portland, OR | February 6th to 10th