“Between every two pines, there is a doorway to a new world.” -John Muir

WildernessPacks was founded with a single goal: to help adventurous souls break away from the hum-drum of everyday life and escape into the Earth’s wild places. 

If you’re here, we think you’ll agree that spending time deep in nature is one of the best ways to experience life to its fullest. 

No matter what draws you to the wilderness – hunting, hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking, rock climbing – there’s one thing we all have in common. That is a thirst for adventure and a marrow-deep love of the Great Outdoors. 

This site is designed to help you find the best gear and the best advice for your next outdoor adventure. Whether you’re an outdoor rookie or an experienced mountain trekker, you’ll find essential tips, tricks, and up-to-date gear guides to help you get the most out of your expeditions into the wild.

Our articles are field by our experiences, so you’ll find a bit of our personalities sprinkled into all of our reviews. We strive to be as authentic as possible, and we never recommend a product because the company offered us freebies or incentives. Because we spend large portions of our lives in the backcountry, we understand how seriously we should take placing our stamp of approval on any piece of gear, especially when survival is often at stake. 

We also want you to buy right the first time. Not only is inefficient gear a pain in the rear, but it’s also more likely to end up in a landfill. That’s why we want to equip you with solid information so you can find gear you’ll love right from the start. That saves you time, money, and heartache. It also might help save the planet!

We aren’t an outdoor company. We don’t manufacture or sell wilderness gear. What we do have to offer are honest reviews and hard-earned experience formed from years spent on (and sometimes far off) the trail.

We’re ready to take on your toughest outdoor questions with the same enthusiasm we take on some of the toughest landscapes on the planet. Don’t hesitate to contact us with problems and proposals. No outdoor topic is off-limits. 

We also welcome you to share your experiences. While our staff has no shortage of experience, we hesitate to call ourselves “experts” because there is still so much to learn. That means we want to hear all your tips, tricks, and gear recommendations, too.