Best Bow Hunting Backpack – Top 10 Best Backpack for Bow Hunting Reviews

Bowhunters often spend months preparing for archery season. Countless hours are spent scouting for game, practicing precision, and gathering gear. However, many hunters forget to consider how they are going to carry all that gear to their hunting destination. 

That’s where we come in. This article will help you find the best bow hunting backpack for your next hunting adventure. Whether you’re heading on a high-altitude hunt out west or slinking through swampy river bottoms back east, this guide will help you find just the right backpack to meet your hunting needs. 

Best Bow Hunting Backpack on the Market Reviews

SITKA Gear Apex Pack – Our Top Pick

The SITKA Apex Pack is ideal for spot-and-stalk bowhunting the backcountry. With a frame-less low-profile design that reduces noise as you move through the brush, the pack is built for stealth. Its slim design also keeps the pack from getting in the way when you draw your bow. 

Although the Apex Pack weighs in at a meager 36 ounces, it provides 1800 cubic inches of packing space in the main compartment. It also has a body-hugging waist belt with multiple pockets for calls and snacks. 

Archery hunters will particularly appreciate the Apex Pack’s retractable cam cables. The innovative cable system rapidly deploys to provide a handy place to rest your compound bow and your arm while you’re waiting for the shot of a lifetime. 

Our favorite feature: SITKA’s exclusive OptiFade camo pattern. Developed using animal vision science, camouflage science, and advanced computer technology, OptiFade is designed to “prevent the animal from recognizing the hunter as the predator.”

Allen Gearfit Pursuit Bruiser Daypack – Best Backpack for the Treestand

Hunting from a treestand can be challenging. Limited space can make storing enough supplies and gear for an all-day sit problematic. That’s where the Pursuit Bruiser Daypack from Allen Gearfit comes in. This one is small enough to stuff under the treestand seat, or you can lash it right to the rail to keep all your snacks, calls, and cover scents conveniently within reach.

All of the pocket closures on the Pursuit Bruiser Daypack are non-Velcro, which allows you to open and close them almost silently. The pack also features a convenient drop-down workstation to keep your calls and rattling antlers right at your fingertips. 

Allen Gearfit designed this backpack with an innovative shoulder-grip design. This feature provides extra cushioning and comfort on those long hikes to your favorite honey hole. The pack also has a removable padded waist belt with extra pockets. The bag even has a drop-down boot so you can carry your bow right on your back. 

Our favorite feature: the reversible rain-fly. The fly easily deploys to cover your pack during rainy weather to keep all of your gear dry. It’s also camo on one side and blaze orange on the other. Flip it to orange when you’re dragging out a deer for extra safety. 

KUIU PRO 3600 Full Hunting Pack Kit – Best Backpack for the Backcountry

The KUIU PRO line offers top-of-the-line engineering for serious backcountry bowhunters. The pack features an ultra-light carbon fiber frame. Its modular design fits a spectrum of packs from the company, so it can function as a daypack or a several-day expedition system.

Once you’ve made a successful shot, the pack fabric can be moved back to create a meat carrying shelf. Although the pack’s frame only weighs a meager ten ounces, it has the capacity to carry more than 150 pounds. 

The entire backpack only weighs four pounds. It is made from durable Cordura rip-stop fabric that is treated K-DWR (KUIU Durable Water Repellant). This treatment allows water to bead and run off the outer surface of the pack. It is also designed to increase breathability, allowing sweat to evaporate off the surface of the pack without soaking in. 

Our favorite feature: All KUIU packs are made to order and components are sized specifically for the end-user. That means you’ll enjoy a comfortable fit whether you’re six-foot-six or five-foot-four. Short and tall hunters will particularly appreciate the custom fit. 

Badlands 2200 Hunting Backpack – Best Backpack for Deer Hunting

At just under $300, the Badlands 2200 Hunting Pack is far from a budget option. However, it earns high marks for its design and durability, making it a smart buy for the money. This is also one of the top-rated offerings on the market today. Most reviewers give the Badlands 2200 a five-star rating. 

Built with a tough T-5 aircraft-grade aluminum frame and DWR-treated, waterproof fabric, this pack is sturdy enough for rough use in harsh conditions. 

Bowhunters will particularly love the compression straps, bow boot, and built-in hip belt pistol holder. For those extra-long hikes, the Badlands 2200 also features a ThermoMold suspension which ergonomically matches the natural contours of the human body. Load-lifter straps also help transfer some of the pack weight to your hips to prevent shoulder and back fatigue. 

Our favorite feature: the integrated spotting scope pocket. This feature helps protect fragile optics during rough hikes yet keeps your scope easily accessible when you need it. 

Allen Company Terrain Tundra Waist Pack – Best Bowhunting Fanny Pack

The Terrain Tundra Waist Pack from Allen Company is perfect for an afternoon hunt close to camp. Made from quiet fabric with a low-profile design, this pack won’t snag or scrape on brush as you move through the woods. 

Because it sits around your waist, the Terrain Tundra won’t get in the way of your archery draw. It has one 300 cubic-inch main compartment that is just big enough for snacks, a grunt tube, a hunting knife, and a basic first aid kit. There is also a discreet front pocket with a built-in rain guard and interior zippered pockets to keep your stuff organized. 

Our favorite feature: Built-in hand muffs. Not only can you slip your hands inside the soft-lined muffs on chilly mornings, but you can also add a couple of activated hand warmers to keep your hands toasty. No gloves required. 

Fieldline Pro Timberhawk Big Basin Daypack – Best Budget Backpack for Bowhunting

If you’re on a budget and need a basic backpack without the fancy bells and whistles, the Fieldline Pro Timberhawk Big Basin Daypack definitely fits the bill. Made with noise-reducing Quiet Cloth featuring Realtree Xtra Camo, this pack allows you to slip through the woods like a ninja. 

The Big Basin Daypack has a large main compartment and four convenient accessory pockets. It also features two side pouches for water bottles, as well as a hydration compartment to hold your Camelback or other water bladders. The exterior of the pack has webbed accessory loops for you to clip or strap extra gear. 

Our favorite feature: the Hawkeye Bingo strap system, which keeps your binoculars right where you need them for instant glassing access. 

Insights Hunting Vision Bow Pack

This versatile bow pack from Insights Hunting is a favorite of bowhunters across the country. It features a wide main compartment that accommodates long, parallel limb bows, quivers, arrows, and optics. It also allows you to conveniently carry your weapon to your favorite hunting location while protecting your sight, arrow rest, and D-loop. 

The pack has a durable weatherproof construction that protects your gear from even the worst weather conditions. 

Insights Hunting designed the pack to evenly distribute the weight of your load. The design incorporates a padded back support panel, shoulder straps, a hideaway hip belt, and a unibody chassis to provide a stable fit while minimizing body strain. The pack also features a cool mesh padding to prevent excessive sweating on the way to your stand.  

Our favorite feature: the TS3 front panel system. This unique pocket can be used in three different ways: as a shelf, gear basket, or storage compartment.  

ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS

The ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS (Expandable Pack Section) is a versatile pack that can be easily adapted to changing needs. If you need a do-it-all pack for eastern whitetails, western elk, and pretty much everything in between, this pack is up to the task. It works well as a day pack for holding hunting necessities and morphs instantly into a functional meat hauler. 

The pack is built around a tubular aluminum H-frame that helps distribute weight evenly between your hips and upper body. Both the shoulder and waist straps offer plenty of padding to keep you comfortable on those long heavy hauls. 

The main compartment offers an ample 3300 cubic inches of storage space. It also offers a side pocket, two front wing pockets, and two easy-access pockets on the waist straps. The pack also has an internal sleeve designed specifically to protect your spotting scope. 

The Traverse also features an Expandable Pack Section (EPS). Positioned at the back of the pack, the EPS provides an extra 1200 cubic inches of storage space. Since the EPS is made from mesh, it provides plenty of air circulation for fresh meat. 

Finally, the Traverse has a unique bow attachment that lets hunters easily carry their weapon between the two front wing pockets.

Our favorite feature: the torso adjustment strap. This strap allows the Traverse to fit torsos from 16 to 21 inches long. The adjustable strap ensures even weight distribution no matter your height or body type. 

Badlands Sacrifice LS Hunting Backpack

The Badlands Sacrifice LS is an ultra-lightweight pack with acres of storage space. It’s also loaded with plenty of extras, including easy-access hip belt pouches, multiple lash points, tons of pockets, and a built-in bow boot.

Even on those cool late fall hunts, an archery hunter can work up a sweat. That’s why Badlands built this pack for ventilation. The Hypervent suspension actually pulls the bag away from your back to allow air to circulate. At the points where the pack does contact the body, Badlands added ventilated foam and a tough mesh fabric to help continue the flow of air. The design keeps you cooler, drier, more comfortable, and less smelly. 

Built for prolonged hunts, the Sacrifice LS is made with load-distributing flex rods to help manage heavy gear. The rods are crafted from nylon fibers and have an impressive strength-to-weight ratio. 

To finish things off, the Sacrifice LS features Badlands’ exclusive C6 Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatment. This treatment prevents moisture from soaking into the fabric to keep your gear bone dry, even in wet, rainy weather.  

This is a technical hunting backpack that can hold its own against any dedicated mountaineering backpack on the market today. 

Our favorite feature: This pack only weighs 3 pounds 13 ounces, yet is capable of carrying some seriously hefty gear. 

SITKA Gear Tool Bucket Backpack

The SITKA Tool Bucket is a unique backpack designed specifically for treestand hunters. It will even help you get your treestand into the woods. 

The pack features 1900 cubic inches of storage space, zippered mesh pockets, and an adjustable toggle closure. The pack also features a unique bucket-style design that allows you to easily access your gear as it dangles from the the integrated hanging ring that screws right into the tree.  

Our favorite feature: the treestand carrying system. It helps you tote your treestand and keeps the extra weight directly on the frame to improve comfort and carrying efficiency. 

Final Thoughts

The best bow hunting backpack will help you get your gear into the field without weighing you down unnecessarily. The packs that made our list are all top-quality options to help you find success no matter where your hunts take you this archery season.

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