Best Hunting Backpack – Top 10 Best Rated Hunting Backpacks Reviews

Whether you need to haul enough gear for a multi-day backcountry hunt, or just enough to get you to the back forty, a quality hunting pack will help make it happen.  

Not all hunting bags are created equal. Some are designed specifically for remote locations. Others work better for hunting from your favorite treestand. No matter how you hunt, the best hunting backpack will be sturdy, comfortable, and have enough space to stuff all of your gear. An everyday backpack just isn’t going to cut it.

If you’re in the market for a new hunting pack, we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites to help you find the right pack for your next hunt.

How to Choose the Best Hunting Backpack?

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Alice Jones Webb

It doesn’t matter what type of game you pursue or what kind of environment you hunt, there are certain qualities every hunter needs in a backpack. Here is a quick break-down of what you should look for:

  • The fit. Make sure your backpack fits your body like a glove. Not every pack will fit every hunter. Look for adjustable straps or torso lengths when shopping online. This will help you customize the fit if you can’t try it on before you buy.
  • Pockets. You’ll want a pack that has separate pockets for organizing your supplies. There’s nothing worse than your elk estrus bumping around next to your peanut butter sandwich. You probably want to keep certain gear in different sections of your pack.
  • Space. If you need to pack supplies for several days, you’ll need enough space to hold everything from your toothbrush to camp cookware.
  • Comfort. Padded straps and mesh backs will help your load seem lighter.
  • Frame. Not every hunter needs a pack with an external frame, but if you’ll be hauling a heavy load, you’ll definitely want one.
  • Material. Hunters will want a pack made from waterproof material when the weather turns sour. The pack gets bonus points if the fabric doesn’t make noise when you’re moving through the forest.

Best Hunting Backpack on the Market Reviews

We’ve talked to other hunters, read consumer reviews, and hoisted our own hunting backpacks through tough conditions to compile this list of what we consider the best of the best.

Badlands 2200 Hunting Backpack

Built to provide comfort on extended backcountry hunts, the Badlands 2200 has a molded memory foam suspension system. The harness actually conforms to the contours of your body, so it actually gets more comfortable as you wear it.

Badlands ditched the traditional aluminum frame for a sturdier, lightweight magnesium alloy. This frame is twice as strong and much lighter than the competition. 

The pack itself is made from durable, water-repellent fabric and provides 1980 cubic inches of packing space. Not only does the fabric keep your stuff dry and clean, it also offers scent suppression, which is a major advantage when you’re hunting the backcountry. Plus, the pack is available in several effective camo patterns to keep you hidden in the field. 

This hunting backpack is loaded with extra features, including a detachable bow boot for toting your weapon, a Bino Connect System to keep your binoculars handy, a built-in meat shelf, a two-liter hydration reservoir, and a hip belt pistol holster. 

Eberlestock Team Elk Pack

Eberlestock’s Team Elk Pack M5 is the ultimate backpack for backcountry elk hunting. This high-quality pack has a lightweight, tubular aluminum frame that supports a generous 3100-cubic-inch pack. It also has plenty of pockets for organizing your gear, including two side pockets perfectly sized for either your spotting scope or water bottles.  

The Team Elk Pack also features an external rifle scabbard and bow carrier. When not in use, the zip-and-flip covers turn both into extra fully functional pockets.

You can also use the Team Elk Pack as a game hauler. Although not quite as comfortable or effective as a dedicated meat pack, it offers both front-loading and top-loading access.

Designed to keep all your essential gear dry, the pack is constructed of NT7 waterproof fabric. There are also compression straps to move the center of mass closer to your body to prevent fatigue on long hikes.

Serious elk hunters will also appreciate that Eberlestock donates 10 percent of sales from this pack to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. RMEF uses these funds to secure habitat and ensure healthy elk populations for future generations to enjoy. 

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander and Pack Bag

This is the perfect pack for the backcountry hunter on a budget. With 5,250 cubic inches of space, there’s plenty of room for all your gear. And since the frame and pack put just 7 pounds on the scale, the Commander and Pack Bag is a relatively lightweight option for an extended hunting trip.

The pack bag is made of Ripstop fabric, which is plenty durable for rough hunting environments. 

The pack features a drop-down rifle holder on one side and another side pocket for your spotting scope. You can also detach the bag and use the frame and lashing system to carry out your meat. 

Kuiu Pro LT 4000 Full Kit

No list of hunting backpacks would be complete without the Kuiu Pro LT frame pack. Kuiu uses high-tech engineering to keep their packs ultra lightweight. This one weighs less than four pounds but offers 4000 cubic inches of space. That’s plenty of room to pack gear for a multi day bivy hunt in the backcountry.  

The foundation of this backpack is a sturdy, yet lightweight carbon fiber frame. Any of Kuiu’s packs will fit the same frame, which provides tons of versatility. Once you have an animal on the ground, the fabric can be moved back, providing a shelf for hauling meat. 

The full kit includes the 10-ounce frame, suspension straps, hip belt pouches, and the 4000 bag. The bag and pouches are made from tough, waterproof Cordura and feature durable YKK #10 zippers. The pack also features webbing loops for attaching your weapon, making this a smart option for both rifle and bow hunting. 

The Kuiu Pro LT has one major drawback: the price. The full kit will cost you close to $500. However, it is lightweight, comfortable, and insanely durable. 

5.11 Tactical RUSH72 Military Backpack

Although this backpack is designed for military and tactical use, it also works well as a hunting pack (especially when you choose the multicam color option). This highly durable rucksack is made from tough 1000D nylon. It is water-repellent and offers 3342 cubic inches of storage space, making it a solid pack for a multi day hunt.

This backpack has a ton of internal and external pockets to help organize your maps, game calls, ammo, and other hunting gear. It is also compatible with MOLLE and web pouches for additional storage space. 

The RUSH72 is surprisingly comfortable, even when packed to the gills. It has a padded hip belt, dual compression shoulder straps, and a contour yoke system that helps evenly distribute weight for increased load stability.  

Timber Hawk Killshot

In place of an internal frame, the Timber Hawk Killshot features a lightweight PVC backing to provide rigid support without adding a ton of weight. The pack weighs approximately 7 ½ pounds and has a 3429-cubic-inch storage capacity, which includes a plethora of internal and external pockets. Even the shoulder straps have pockets for your GPS, walkie, rangefinder, or compact binos. There’s also an internal hydration pocket that includes a two-liter reservoir to help keep you hydrated. 

If the pockets aren’t enough, the Killshot also features lashing points for you to load on additional gear. 

The Killshot is made from brushed polyester fabric with an ultra-quiet twill lining, making it perfect for stalking big game. Although the fabric is not waterproof, the pack includes a pull-out, blaze orange rain cover in case the weather turns wet. 

Perfect for hunters of every shape and size, the Killshot has a hip belt and shoulder straps that are easy to adjust. It also has quick-detach points, so you can swiftly drop the bag if you need to run and gun. 

Insights Hunting The Vision Bow Pack

This awesome gear pack from Insights Hunting is perfect for bowhunting. It features a wide main weapon compartment that is large enough to accommodate even the longest parallel limb bow. The compartment also provides protection for your sight, arrow rest, and quiver. 

The Vision Bow Pack is completely waterproof, so you never need to worry about the weather ruining your gear.

The Vision also has an easy-access treestand shelf and gear basket that allows you to keep everything within easy reach in your deer stand.

With a strategically positioned unibody chassis, the Vision Bow Pack evenly distributes weight. This feature helps fight fatigue and provides serious load stability, even when you’re traversing rough terrain. The pack also features a cool mesh back panel and padded straps for additional comfort. 

ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber Hunting Day Pack

With 2285 cubic inches of space, the ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber Day Pack is considerably large for a day pack. It provides enough room for a day hunt, plus some backup gear in case you get stuck overnight. 

The Dark Timber Day Pack has six large pockets, as well as lashing straps to hold additional supplies. It also has a hydration pocket and port, so you always have easy access to water.

Perfect for warm weather hunts, the Day Pack has a mesh backing to help keep you cool while you’re on the move. 

The pack weighs only two pounds and features side compression straps to pull in the weight of heavy loads for easier hauling. It also has a padded waist belt and shoulder straps for added comfort. However, this pack does not have an internal or external frame, which could be problematic when carrying extra weight or hiking long distances. 

Badlands Tree Hugger Waist Pack

This innovative hunting fanny pack carries like an absolute dream. Featuring a molded memory foam suspension system, the waist pack only gets more comfortable as you wear it.

Once you’re in the stand, you can wrap the pack around the tree or hang it from a tree hook. Simply unzip the top, and you have a 750-cubic-inch treestand toolbox. This is the perfect way to keep your gear within easy reach. You’ll never have to dig through your pack to find your grunt tube or limbing saw ever again. 

The Tree Hugger Waist Pack is made from KXO-32 fabric, which is lightweight, tough, waterproof, and whisper-quiet as you move through the woods. 

Badlands also used their highly effective Approach FX camo on this waist pack. This pattern features dark colors in a pattern that adapts to the surroundings to help keep you invisible during the hunt. 

SITKA Gear Hunting Elevated II Tool Belt

Perfect for storing the absolute necessities for a quick day hunt, the SITKA Tool Belt offers 600 cubic inches of storage space in an ultra low-profile package. The belt works like a fanny pack and features several internal zippered compartments for organizing your gear. It comes with two removable water bottle holders to help you stay hydrated on the stand. 

Inside the Tool Belt is a SITKA gear jacket and a bib shoulder harness system that easily attaches to the belt for additional storage. 

The Tool Belt can also be attached to a tree, allowing you easy access to game calls, snacks, and additional gear while you sit in your treestand. 

The Tool Belt features SITKA’s exclusive GORE OPTIFADE technology in the Elevated II camo pattern. This pattern is specifically designed for deer hunters who hunt from elevated positions. The digital camo pattern is highly effective and actually disrupts the eye’s ability to focus, allowing you to stay completely concealed in your hunting position. 

Final Thoughts

The best hunting backpack is largely a matter of personal choice. The pack you choose should be able to carry everything you need on a specific hunt. Since needs vary based on the terrain, hunting conditions, and personal preferences, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Although every pack on our list won’t work for every hunter, they are all high-quality options that are built to last. 

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